Peer-reviewed / Open Access


MEDICC Review’s aim is to bring Cuban medical and public health policy, research, programs and outcomes to the attention of the global health community, in order to enrich dialogue, debate and practice aimed at achieving equitable access to quality health care worldwide. Founded in 1999, MEDICC Review is the only English-language journal of its kind, providing medical and population health research by Cuban scientists, analysis of health and medicine developments in the country, and feature coverage of Cuban health policy, practice, outcomes and global health cooperation programs.

MEDICC Review also publishes work from international researchers, educators and professionals in the health sciences fields, giving preference to articles relevant to achieving health equity, universal coverage and quality health care in resource-constrained settings or for medically underserved populations.

MEDICC Review is a quarterly peer-reviewed journal published by Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba (MEDICC), a US non-profit organization, available in print (ISSN 1555-7960), and online (ISSN 1527-3172) as an open access publication at Subscriptions available for the print edition.