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American Public Health Association Honors MEDICC Leaders

American Public Health Association Honors MEDICC Leaders

November 8, 2017, Atlanta, GA—Dr. C. William Keck and Dr. Dabney P. Evans have been honored with awards at this year’s annual meeting of the American Public Health Association (APHA), held here over the last week.

Dr. Keck received the prestigious APHA Presidential Citation “for his dedication to population health and public health education” during his long career.  Dr. Keck is a MEDICC founder and current executive director, as well as professor emeritus of the Northeast Ohio Medical University and past president of APHA. For the last 25 years, he has also led the Council on Linkages between Academia and Public Health Practice, including the Academic Health Department Learning Community.

Dr. C. William Keck

The award was presented by APHA President Tom Quade, who recognized Dr. Keck for his “lifelong dedication to the pursuit of population health within a social justice and health equity framework.” He specifically singled out Dr. Keck’s contribution as a teacher of generations of public health professionals.

In his remarks thanking APHA, Dr. Keck noted: “Those of you who interact with students and practitioners know that one of the benefits…is that you learn so much in the process… I thank them for enriching my life.”  He also made reference to the current political climate in the US, watching “our country retreat…from what had seemed to be a growing commitment to provide access to primary care for all, and watch our national debates about health care be focused on money and power rather than health.” He suggested that the US be ready to learn from others who have done better at improving community health status: “One of those places is Cuba,” he said, “and I am grateful to those who started MEDICC 20 years ago, and involved me in its efforts at US-Cuba health cooperation from the start.

Dabney Evans

Dr. Dabney Evans, member of MEDICC’s Board of Directors, was also honored at the meeting. She received the 2017 Mid-Career Award in International Health from APHA’s International Health Section. “Receiving this award is particularly meaningful at this point in my career,” she said. She is now director of the Emory University Center for Humanitarian Emergencies and executive director of the Emory Institute of Human Rights, both positions on the heels of a two-decade career in global health. The International Section called Dr. Evans “an outstanding emerging professional” in the field.