Support MEDICC and our global health equity projects.


Right now, Cuban health authorities and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) are assessing damages to health care facilities across the rest of Cuba– including hospitals, clinics, maternity and senior homes.


As we wait for their more specific guidance, your donations are already at work—among the first to support hurricane recovery in Cuba!


As you know, MEDICC works hand-in-hand with Global Links, to activate its disaster response with container shipments to the island.


Global Links has already sent aid to senior homes in eastern Cuba (where port access and logistics were not as affected by Irma).


MEDICC and Global Links will work together to make sure your donation is used to get vital supplies to those most in need, staging one container shipment after another during the recovery period…expected to last several months post-Irma, the biggest storm to hit Cuba in nearly a century.


Thanks once again for your heartfelt and timely contribution!

Hurricane Recovery in CUba
Volunteers sort supplies for shipment to Cuba.