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Cubans Need Your Help for Hurricane Recovery Efforts

MEDICC partners with Global Links and PAHO (the Pan American Health Organization) to send vital supplies and furnishings to hospitals and other centers such as community clinics, maternity homes and senior homes in Cuban communities hardest hit by Irma.

This program is unique because we only send what is actually needed, informed by on-the-ground assessments by Cuba’s health system working together with PAHO.

Shipments are also US-government licensed.

So your donation is LEGAL, its use RELIABLE, and will meet the needs of the MOST VULNERABLE. And your contribution will also help keep US-Cuba health cooperation alive.

PS.  Remember that Cuba is also helping other Caribbean nations recover…with doctors and teams of linemen to get the lights back on, so your donation also allows Cuba to recover quicker while assisting its neighbors.

See MEDICC note on recovery efforts.

Cuba Irma
Cuba Irma-2